Italian Granite’s Uses and Benefits In the Kitchen

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Italian GraniteGranite is a popular choice for many homeowners, designers and artists when deciding what type of material to use for architectural structures, like columns, countertops and flooring. Granite and Italian granite are leading choices because of the stones' beauty, functionally and cost.
Granite is quarried, exported and imported all around the world. Among many other places, granite quarries can be found in the following places:
  • Canada;
  • Europe;
  • Brazil;
  • Africa; and
  • United States;
Granite is considered to be a beautiful stone and is available in many colours and patterns. It is well known for its strength and its ability to withstand heat, staining, scratching and cracking. The only other stone comparable to granite's strength is a diamond, which is actually used to cut and polish granite slabs.
Granite's popularity in interior design and renovation continues to increase every year, because of its physical appearance and its usefulness and durability.
The colour spectrum available in granite stone is wide and diverse, ranging in the following shades:
  • White;
  • Brown;
  • Blue;
  • Red;
  • Green; and
  • Black.
As much as granite may be popularized for its appearance and strength, it also makes for a wonderful choice specifically within the kitchen, because of its ability to handle high temperatures.
Granite can withstand exposure to hot pots and pans, as well as hot grease and oil stains. An experienced granite manufacturer will ensure granite pieces, especially those used in areas where heat exposure is likely, are sealed using a silicone-based impregnator.
Granite is also ideal within the home as countertops and vanities because of its workability. With the right equipment and skill, granite can be easily cut to match the required specifications, for example leaving room for a sink or tub and leaving clean, smooth edges.
Because of granite's one-of-a-kind appearance and high quality, owning a granite piece is like owning an original work of art. No two granite pieces are alike, which adds to its value. Incorporating granite into a space automatically increases the value of that space and overall building or home, while also improving the space's original appearance. When used in homes, many buyers prefer spaces with granite countertops, flooring or vanities, as opposed to other materials, because of the added value that granite brings. Incorporating granite into a space offers benefits for the long term, for both sellers and buyers.